It was my husband who encouraged me into career in food, I hadn’t realised I could be making a living out of something so enjoyable. So I tried work in restaurant, but the working hours weren’t for my liking. Besides, unless you’re the head chef, you’re just making same dishes over and over again, and that was extremely boring. That’s the way it was in that restaurant anyhow. So I went back to college to study baking in my native country, Finland.  I am now self employed and quite content, though I wish I was busier!

I like simple, tasty food. I am quite put off by  very extravagant and complicated looking recipes. So, the stuff that I bake are very straight forward. I am very thorough though, because I believe that’s the best way to success.

I decided to start a blog to share some of my favorite recipes. I love to talk about baking and if someone asks me for advice on it, it’s hard for me not to go on and on, boring everyone to death! So I guess I could say this will be some form of therapy for me, getting all this information out of my head. I hope to share my knowledge on baking and to help understand the physics and chemistry that goes with it, that way creating totally fool proof recipes.  I wanted to show that baking is easy, all one needs is a little practice and understanding of the whole process.

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